silverdancer asked:

Yeah, you didn't do a 6, but they weren't questions anyway, soooo 0:D (btw, that's supposed to be an angel face xD) Number 6 will now writing a fic of whatever comes to your mind for the one asking (before you say it, I never pretended to be a good person :DD)





Anonymous asked:

Does Nino being pampered count as a kink/fetish? Because seriously, every time I look, it seems he's made me interested in things I never thought I would be. OTL

arashikink answered:

It absolutely does!

What a coincidence; Every Time I Look, It Seems Nino Has Made Me Interested In Things I Never Thought I Would Be is the title of my memoir. That dude really is magic.

silverdancer asked:

I can assure you that if I didn't talk to you was not because of you but because of hell exams (BUT IT HAS A BIG PAYOFF... I'M GRADUATING!) anyway, I ask you numb. 6. Hehehe. Also your (drunk or not) posts are the best around here



did i post a number 6?

i dont think i did!

you cheater!!

does that mean i have to make one myself> you make it up!

(its going public so more ppl talk to me cus im a loner and need attention)